Affordable QUALITY vintage car radio service and harness fabrication

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1930’s thru early 80’s car—truck radios & 8 track player service & repairs.

1950s thru late 70’s car—truck clock repairs.  

1960s & 1970s Delco® radios to speakers, dash & 8 track players connecting harnesses.


     All my replacement Delco®  factory radio harnesses are made as closely to originals as I can.   I use new components whenever possible, but when specific plastic connectors are unavailable,  I install good used originals.   The wires and brass terminals are always NEW.    I try to use the correct wire colors, based on Delco® factory  wiring diagrams, harness photos, and the many NOS and original used harnesses I have in stock. 


            DELCO® 8 TRACK                          DELCO® RADIO POWER                         DELCO® FRONT & REAR SPEAKER

       CONNECTING HARNESSES                          CONNECTORS                                           WIRES AND HARNESSES     


                   BUICK                                         BUICK                                                       BUICK

                 CADILLAC                                  CADILLAC                                               CADILLAC

               CHEVROLET                               CHEVROLET                                           CHEVROLET

               OLDSMOBILE                             OLDSMOBILE                                         OLDSMOBILE

                  PONTIAC                                            PONTIAC                                                  PONTIAC




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